What’s an inversion? It’s when a large corporation claims it’s based abroad to avoid paying taxes.

You don’t get to pick your tax rate. Neither should corporations. Let’s make sure we all play by the same rules.

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This Aspiring Astronaut Might Be The World’s Most Amazing Teen

At age 7, Gideon Gidori knew exactly what he wanted to be: a rocket ship pilot.

The only thing was, he was living in a tiny Tanzanian village where schools only went through grade six and books about space (or for that matter, any books) were scarce.

But that didn’t stop him. Now 15, Gidori is determined to become Tanzania’s very first astronaut.

Gidori has always been fascinated with stars and spent his boyhood nights staring at the clear skies above his hometown. “I think there is much more up there than there is down here, and I want to know what that is,” he says. When he becomes an astronaut, he hopes his first stop will be the moon – one of Jupiter’s moons, that is.

"They say that on Europa, there’s life," he says. "I want to be part of the crew that investigates it."

With the help of Epic Change, his dream isn’t just wishful thinking. The nonprofit, which raises money for education and technology, gave him a scholarship to study in the U.S. This May, Gidori completed his first year of flight training school at Florida Air Academy.

To finance his next school year, he’s using the allure of potato salad. Tanzanian astronaut potato salad, to be exact.

Inspired by the entrepreneur who raised more than $60,000 to make potato salad on Kickstarter, Gidori and his host family — Epic Change cofounders Sanjay Patel and Stacey Monk – are using the online platform to raise $35,000 to cover tuition and fees for next year. On their Kickstarter page, the trio has promised to throw the “greatest potato salad party in Tanzanian history” the day Gidori lifts off into space for the first time.

And the Tanzanian teen means it; he already has an experimental recipe in the works. As of July 22, a little more than $12,000 has been raised on Kickstarter and Rally.org.

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Photo: It took 101 takes to get the right shot for Gideon Gidori’s Kickstarter video. He hopes supporters will fund his flight school tuition in exchange for a secret potato salad recipe. (via Kickstarter)

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a post where I explain with images how foxes are the best thing ever, and how if you disagree you are obviously wrong

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It is unfair to ask a woman to leave aside her personal experience and discuss feminist issues in the abstract. You are discussing the stuff of her life. Asking her to “not make it personal” is to ask her to wrench her womanhood from her personhood. Don’t play Devil’s advocate. Seriously. Just don’t.
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Omg omg omg … I have to have!!! Immediately!

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[x] Gates McFadden on the role of women in Star Trek (1993)

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Black Ghost sculpture in Klaipeda, Lithuania by S. Plotnikovas and S. Jurkus.

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you can never lose an argument if you say “shut up nerd” at the end

yes you can

shut up nerd

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